What is a ‘new’ tyre?

Over the past few weeks I’ve had some new tyres fitted to the ZX14R. First a front a couple of weeks ago and then a ‘new’ rear today. But just how ‘new’ is new?

As I was re-installing the rear wheel I caught sight of the manufacturing date stamp on the side wall of the tyre which has the numbers 4014. My understanding is that what this means is that this tyre was manufactured in the 40th week of 2014. Therefore  it’s about a year old. So is a one year old tyre really a ‘new’ tyre? I don’t know what the industry standard is. Any suggestions?


Another Michelin PR4

I had another Michelin Pilot Road 4 fitted to the front of the big Kwaka as I have a few multi-day rides coming up. Check out the aerodynamic shape of the fairing with the front wheel removed.

Wednesday we took a club ride to the Mill Market at Daylesford via Steglitz and Ballarat. It was a great run in perfect riding conditions. Well led and well done Jim.

A pic from the post ride ‘defrag’.


Pink Ribbon Ride 2015

Peter Stevens motorcycles, the Geelong Branch of the Ulysses Club and quite a few other local rider groups got together for the annual Pink Ribbon cancer fund raising ride. It was a perfect day for a spin around the Bellarine Peninsula for a good cause. A few shots below to give a flavor of the day.

Above: Pic of me in corner marker’s pink vest