Mac Park Historic Races 2021

The West Coast Procrastinators had a terrific weekend at the SA Historic Road Race Championships, January 1st to 3rd. The racing is all the better for having friends participating. Tim K was there for the first outing on the replica of the XS650 Yamaha that his Dad, Tom K, raced in the 1973.  Eric S was there with a few of his fleet of historic Hondas. Norm C was making a return to racing after decades away from it on his immaculate BSA Gold Star 350.

Here are a few of my pics. (Click on the individual shot to see it in full size & then use the back arrow to return to the page).

Tom K taking the replica of his early 1970’s XS650 Yamaha racer for a couple of laps. I only hope that I can do this when I’m in my eighties.

Below: race start for Tim.

Below: Norm C – first race start in many decades!

The shots above are my amateur pics. By way of comparison, the pic below is courtesy of S Cooper Photography  … who also has an unequivocal message on the lens of his main camera!

2 thoughts on “Mac Park Historic Races 2021

  1. Hi Jules
    Hope you had a great new year and a good christmas. Looks like a great day out at the races to me. Love to see guys tinkering with their bikes in the pits then racing on the track. Good pics by the way. Looks like a Nikon 200-500mm F5.6 lens to me. I’ve got the same one, great for motorsport as long as its not at night.

    Hope you have a great year coming up mate.


    • Thanks for the good wishes and I trust that you and the family had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Congrats on your Snowy Mountain ride report at The Road to Nowhere as well Steve.
      I’m just getting back into riding after a fairly significant injury that kept me off the bike for 6 months.
      Let’s hope that we can catch up at the MotoGP this year ……. COVID permitting!

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