About Tarsnakes

I’ve been riding motorcycles in one form or another since my early teenage years. With the exception of  a couple of short periods without a motorcycle I’ve been riding for more than 30 40 years. I’ve never really been interested in motorcycle clubs as I like the freedom of riding without any sort of regimentation. However, the development of the ‘net has really provided a means for like minded enthusiasts to reach out to each other, share their experiences and wisdom and create great friendships based on the common interest in motorcycling. In 2014 I joined the Ulysses Club and have really enjoyed the camaraderie and rides with the Geelong Branch.

My  motorcycling mates include those who love to ride, those who avidly follow racing and those who rarely ride but love to restore classic bikes in their home workshops. I’ve got some great mates in motorcycling from all walks of life, some are lifelong friends and some are folk who I’ve come to know via the ‘net and have never met face to face.  I’m passionate about riding and damn near useless with tools and mechanical tasks other than basic oil changes and the like, so it’s a good thing that repairs aren’t needed with the ultra reliable machines we have. I ride most weekends with my former work colleague and great mate Marty. Occasional rides with Steve & Andy (mates since our teens) on their Norton Commandos and once or twice a year we get away for a week or so of touring with three or four other fellas. My kilometers have increased greatly since joining the Ulysses Club and doing plenty of mid-week and weekend rides with the club. I have the occasional trip to Phillip Island for the Oz Moto GP or World Superbikes as well.

I started blogging in 2007 as a way of keeping a log of my motorcycle trips and also to help develop some IT skills. Since that time I’ve found that there is a community of like minded bloggers all over the world who love to share their experiences with others. So this little corner of the world wide web is my spot for sharing some of my motorcycling experiences here Down Under. Unfortunately I work too hard (not any more) so often my posts have lots of pictures and not many words as I just don’t have the time available to write too much just yet. though I have no real excuse any more.

We live about 80 kms (50 miles) from Melbourne,  close to the beginning of the legendary Great Ocean Road (GOR) and the nearby Otway Ranges National Park. This region is often referred to as the Surf Coast  and a couple of hours away is the magnificent  Shipwreck Coast area of Victoria, Australia.

Ride safe.

Cheers Jules.

Contact me

E: tarsnakes@gmail.com

Skype: tarsnakes

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