Short winter ride

This post is actually a test of posting from my iPhone (although I finished it off on the laptop). After cold, wet & windy weather the riding itch really needed a scratch. However, neither Marty nor I had a full day available so we took a short 200km run to an extinct volcano called Red Rock near Colac, Vic. It was chilly, but sunny and calm. Our first stop was at the Inverleigh bakery for a warm drink and then we hit the deserted backroads to the lookouts at Red Rock, near Alvie.

It was a great day to visit and the countryside looked spectacular. From here we headed to Colac for a quick bite to eat and then we took the highway back to Geelong. All up, a short but enjoyable run. I’d recently serviced the ZX14R with fresh oil, an new oil filter and cleaned the air filter. This along with new chain and sprockets made for a really smooth ride on a super responsive motorcycle. The power and yet user friendly nature of this bike is never ceases to amaze me.

PS. Check out these pics of the rubbish in the air filter.

The filter slides into a slot in the beam frame of the bike, fed by two RAM air feeds

I chose OEM sprockets from Partzilla in the USA. Why purchased from the USA? Because Kawasaki Australia did not have an OEM rear sprocket in stock in Aust and the last aftermarket sprockets I used were garbage!