Another Michelin PR4

I had another Michelin Pilot Road 4 fitted to the front of the big Kwaka as I have a few multi-day rides coming up. Check out the aerodynamic shape of the fairing with the front wheel removed.

Wednesday we took a club ride to the Mill Market at Daylesford via Steglitz and Ballarat. It was a great run in perfect riding conditions. Well led and well done Jim.

A pic from the post ride ‘defrag’.


3 thoughts on “Another Michelin PR4

  1. The Pilot Roads are a great tyre on the 14 and I’ve had many sets of them. I recently put a set of Angel GT’s on and I don’t like the profile on these. I will be putting Pilot Roads back on at the next tyre change.

    • Hey, Zed14, thanks for your comment. My mechanic is a bit keen on Pirelli’s but I’ve always been pretty happy on the Pilot Road series of tyres. One exception though, I tried a PR4 – GT and it just never felt ‘right’ to me.

      I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and will put a hyperlink to it on my other site at tarsnakes

      Cheers Jules

      • I also found using a 55 series on the rear was better and an added bonus made the speedo close to accurate.

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