Early morning on the GO Road

It’s forecast to be 39 – 40C today, so I was up early for some riding on one of my favourite roads. Maybe because it’s only a week until Christmas, or maybe because of the weather forecast, the Great Ocean Road was all but deserted! Give it another week and you just wouldn’t bother trying to enjoy a ride there due to the (crazy) traffic volumes.

Lorne, Vic

Cape Patton Lookout. The sun is out and the sky is blue.

The Aire River

Laid to rest in the river.

The GOR without a car in sight!

Why not have another bike pic – it makes me happy!

From Lavers Hill I turned inland to Beach Forest and traveled along Turtons Track to my brunch destination in Forrest. I came close to a head on with another motorcycle on Turtons. Three fellas on big chooky’s – the lead bike on my side of the road!

I was the only customer, however, there were a few people dining across the road at the General Store.

A few kilomteres up the road and it was 30C already so I headed for home. It had been a magnificent start to what I plan to be a brilliant year ahead!