Gellibrand mid-week ride 10 Feb

by Michael Belleville.

A beautiful sunny day was just what the doctor ordered when no fewer than 20 riders headed off under the leadership of Geoff Lenton for a lazy and approximately 300 km journey with the destination being Gellibrand.

We made our way from McDonalds at Waurn Ponds and in formation we wound our way to morning tea at the café in Coorooroke via Winchelsea, Alvie & Red Rock. After a cuppa and something to eat we were back on the bikes (well most of us were) –it was at this point that we needed to give a rider a helping hand with a jumpstart. This was to be the first of many – Bob, told you that I would make you famous or is that infamous?

From this point we headed down to Gellibrand for lunch at the café (see photo) via Colac where petrol was the next order of business before we hit some reasonably twisty roads.

After lunch with the sun still shining & enough heat coming off the tank that it could fry an egg we made our way back to Geelong through the tiny hamlets of Yeodene, Gerangamete, Barwon Downs & Deans Marsh before we finished on Blackgate Rd. It was at this point that we said our farewells and headed home before we were to gather again for the AGM.

If my memory serves me correctly Bob needed a few more helping hands along the way but that’s riding.

Many thanks to Geoff for leading the ride and to Graham who was Tail End Charlie – a great day was had by all.

Now it wouldn’t be a ride report from yours truly if I didn’t give the Suzuki’s a mention – how many you can count?



Great Western overnighter

Jan 30th and 31st was the weekend for a social overnight stay at Great Western for the Geelong Branch of the Ulysses Club . We stayed at the Shearers Quarters of the Allanvale Homestead ( a few also camped onsite) and did a tour of Seppelts underground champagne cellars on Saturday afternoon.

All up 25 people attended, some drove cars, though most rode, with three of us two up – not bad as the weather forecast for Sunday was not pretty! I led the ride up from Batesford to Great Western via Rokewood, Smythsdale, Snake Valley and Beaufort. It was a pretty straightforward run up, although we were under the pump a little for time as we had to be in our digs and at Seppelts by 2.00pm. A big thanks to Don W for tail end Charlie duties both up and back.

Unfortunately Seppelts are closing the Great Western vineyard in June which is a shame as it has a lot of interesting history and still has a quarter of a million bottles stored in the underground cellars, which are very extensive.

Saturday night consisted of a BBQ and then cool drinks and much socialising! It was a perfect, balmy evening and the Shearers quarters were quite comfy. The countryside up there is bone dry with no grass in the paddocks at all. However, that all changed when we awoke to heavy rain Sunday morning and it continued to pour non-stop which made the first part of the ride home less than pleasant. However, we splashed along the Western Highway and by the time we reached Beaufort it began to clear up.

A big thanks to Gentle and Colleen for all the work to organise and cater for such a successful weekend away. Also, thanks to Richard for donating (and installing) the battery from his camper which got Debbie’s Triumph going when its battery failed and couldn’t be started.

13 January mid week ride

Graham Aitkin’s Midweek Ride Report 13.01.2016
The January Midweek Ride was a hot one. The weather forecast was for 42 degrees. The ride was planned for Talbot however the ride leader was unavailable and Richard Scarff kindly volunteered to lead the ride. Due to the hot weather it was decided that a shorter ride to a cooler destination was a better option. Sixteen riders assembled at Maccas Waurn Ponds on a very warm morning. Richard explained the change in destination and that morning tea would be at Deans Marsh and lunch at Lorne. We headed off through Ceres, Inverleigh, and Winchelsea to Deans Marsh where a leisurely morning tea was enjoyed by all.
It was then off through the twisties to Lorne, a few slow cars slowed our progress however we were all pleased to feel the sea breeze about 5 kms out of Lorne. Richard got top marks for finding us undercover parking at the Lorne Life Saving Club. Members enjoyed lunch at various locations, a few of us dined at the Bakery.
Due to the hot weather it was decided to end the Ride ended at Lorne. Some wanted a longer ride home and went via Apollo Bay, the rest either along the Ocean Road through Angle Sea or back through Deans Marsh.
Thank you Richard for leading the Ride at short notice. It was an enjoyable day with excellent company.

Below: Deans Marsh

From Jules

Richard, Jimbo, two Peters and I rode from Lorne along the Great Ocean Road to Skenes Creek then home via Forrest. The ride along the coast was great with the temp around 26C and hardly any traffic. It was interesting to see the bushfire devastation first hand as we rode past. Once we turned off at Skenes it just got hotter and hotter although the ride up through the twisties was at a nice pace knowing that all the corners were dry. We stopped at the Forrest brewery for a drink. Once we stepped out of the airconditioning to head home it really hit us how unbearably hot it was and the fun aspect of the ride was over. The ride home was bloody awful in the heat, the ambient temp gauge on my bike hovered between 40C and 42C the whole way.


Rawson overnighter 16 December

DAY 1 – Wednesday 16 December

The Rawson overnighter organised by Graham A was a week later than usual this year, commencing on Wed 16 Dec. And we really benefited as the weather was excellent for both days, which was a nice change from last year’s day two rain. OK, below is a map to give an idea of the brilliant Day 1 route.

Nineteen riders gathered at North Geelong Maccas, with one of the Club’s numerous Peters (we had 5 Peters on one recent mid-week ride!) only riding until lunch time, but then collecting another two at Healesville.

Graham leading off at Maccas. 

We headed to Bacchus Marsh for morning coffee.

Graham then led us on a really good route to Whittlesea, skirting around the north of Melbourne and avoiding all the traffic. From Whittlesea to Healesville, via Kinglake and Yarra Glen, the scenery and roads just got better and better. And just to add to the enjoyment it was all blue sky and around 22C ambient for most of this section – perfect riding conditions. Healesville has a large ‘Beechworth Bakery’ franchise with tons of parking around it which was perfect for our lunch stop. This is where Stan and Marlene joined us, having come down from Bendigo I believe.

From here on the roads just got better and better. The ride from Healesville through to Powelltown, Noojee, Hill End, Willow Grove and then past Blue Rock Lake and beyond is motorcycling Nirvana. Some of us rode the twisty roads at a nice brisk pace whilst others just bopped along at their own pace and comfort level. This really was traffic free, week day riding at its best. As we neared Yallourn North for drinks, BBQ supplies and fuel the temp really picked up and was in the low 30C’s. From here it was just an enjoyable short run via Tyres through the bush up to Rawson. At Rawson bikes were unloaded, stubbies were opened and the good times off the bikes commenced.

Irish John was unstoppable getting a big fire going, which served as the focal point for the evening. It was a really nice balmy evening for cool drinks in great company.

OK, just some random pics of motorcycles that were of interest, but also illustrate the diversity of machines that ultimately all serve the same purpose.

John’s new Honda ST1300 – what an awesome long distance touring machine.

Below: Stan’s Triumph triple

Marlene’s Beemer – I’d never seen one of these with ? Ohlin’s suspension and Brembo brakes

DAY 2 – Thursday 17 December

Some stayed up late and partied Wednesday night. However, most didn’t given that it had been a hot afternoon in the saddle and the departure time had been set for 8.00am on Thursday morning for those returning to Geelong with Graham.This departure time was based on the forecast 36C temps for Thursday. Poppy and Peter were heading on to Bright via Mt Hotham and left early. Bill and the ST1300 crew had decided to head for the coast and spend the night at Phillip Island and lingered longer. Another couple of riders just didn’t make the 8.00am departure!

We headed off in the cool morning air down through Erica and retraced our route through the bush to Noojee for early morning coffee. It was another absolutely brilliant ride at a ‘brisk’ pace with virtually no traffic around.

Downtown Noojee on a Thursday morning

Even though it was early, the sun already had some sting in it and there was no doubt it was going to be damn hot. The lovely old lady at the Noojee store dutifully made coffees, dispensed pies and sausage rolls from her ancient pie warmer and even offered a packet of mixed biscuits for free for the fellas. Talk of travelling back via the Reefton Spur was replaced as and the collective wisdom was to get home expediently to avoid the worst of the heat. Jimbo decided he would take a more scenic route home and the brains trust gathered around his map to assist his route planning.

Above: Men at work

Graham led the rest of us via Yarra Glen, Christmas Hills and Kangaroo Ground, I think, to Diamond Creek. At this stage I didn’t know that I was writing this ride report and I really didn’t pay much attention to the route! At Diamond Creek we had another breather and from there on it was home via the Western Ring Road and Princes Highway. The traffic on the Ring Road was actually quite heavy and the ride was less than pleasant, made worse by the heat and a couple of downright homicidal drivers. Once off the Ring Road it was a short run back and we pulled over for a hasty debrief in 36C heat.

Once again the Rawson ride was a great success and one of the best Club rides for 2015. A great bunch of people, brilliant roads and no rain or rider incidents, what more could you ask for? Thanks again to Graham A for organising and leading and to Phil R for tail-ender duties on both days.











Poker run and X-mas BBQ

Some pics from today’s poker run.

Briefing at Waurn Ponds – I believe Mac had two routes in mind!

First stop at Maude

Morning tea stop on the outskirts of Geelong.

Our motorcycles were kept under surveillance

Unfortunately I don’t have any pics from lunch at the end of the ride at Balyang sanctuary.

A big thanks for a great job by Mac and Mal for organising the poker run and the catering. And the women were the big winners, picking up three of the top four hands!