Master of Mac Park racing and camping

Steve, Marty and I, along with a bunch of Geelong Ulysses Club members headed over to Mount Gambier (South Australia) to the lovely McNamara Park race circuit. Last year I camped off the motorcycle for the first time in decades. This year Steve brought along the “Mothership” for a different approach to MC ‘camping’. The Mothership quickly became known as the Taj Mahal amongst the assembled tent campers.

John’s new-to-him outfit.

The ‘Mothership’ – exterior & interior setup. Note the kitcken sink!

This is what we came for

The serenity!

Race like a girl

Which is fair enough seeing that it’s a food preparation area and bar!


4 thoughts on “Master of Mac Park racing and camping

  1. Crikey Jules, your mate could join the “Tiny House” movement with that level of accommodation! Sounds like a great trip.

  2. Camping eh? 😉 A mans gotta have his comforts!
    Good to see you out and about Jules. Might see you at the GP again this year?

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