Ulysses National Rally – Guided Otways & GO Road

Twenty Ulyssians from the National Rally at Mornington, Vic, crossed the bay from Sorrento to Queenscliff, where members of the Geelong Branch led by ‘Gentle’ took them on a guided tour to take in a little sample of the Otway Ranges, a section of the Great Ocean Road – locally referred to at the ‘GO Road’, Bells Beach, Torquay and 13th Beach. This was one of three trips offered this week. We ran in a perfect temp of 24C and plenty of sunshine.Tomorrow (Friday 29 Jan) might be a doozy with temps of 36 -38C forecast. We had a smooth run for the most part and had the tourists back at the Queenscliff ferry terminal for the 4.00pm sailing.

Some of our team of seven guides / cornermarkers below.

Bevan on the 1975 Kawasaki Z900





The ride was a great success thanks to the planning and leadership of Ron Howell (AKA Gentle), our terrific Tail End Charlie Phil Long and the commitment of the Geelong Branch Members  – Dennis P, John G, Garry F, and Jules P not in the photos.

2 thoughts on “Ulysses National Rally – Guided Otways & GO Road

  1. That’s a great run Jules, nice temperatures too! Impressed with the range of machinery, especially the ’75 Kwaka 900 – still looks great! It really is a tough life for us folks in Australasia, eh?

    • Hi Geoff, Wednesday was great and then we did another repeat on Frdiay. It was around 38C along the coast. It became a very tough day for most – me included. It really is terrific living in these scenic parts of the world and being pretty much retired.

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