Geelong Bike Night 22 Dec 2018

A few random shots from last Saturday night’s Bike Night at the Edge Bar, Geelong waterfont precinct, 6.00 – 8.00pm. Friendly people and a diverse range of motorcycles.



2 thoughts on “Geelong Bike Night 22 Dec 2018

  1. Glorious to see the pristine Suzuki “waterbottle” Jules. A friend has an unrestored one waiting for retirement as well as an RE5. All the best for 2019 mate!

    • There are not a lot of 2 stroke fans around these days Geoff and when you hear them start up you know why. That was a very nice example. I had a mate who had a ’75 model and it was certainly more powerful than my CB750 Honda. It was ironic really – a low revving 2 stroke and a high revving 4 stroke. I also have a mate with a complete GT750 awaiting restoration. He has already restored and still owns a T250, T350, T500 and GT550. Check out my last post on my West Coast Procrastinators site HERE to see them and also another rare 2 stroke.
      All the best for a great 2019 Geoff!

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