Magnetic Levitation

Check out the Magnetic Levitation train that I took a ride on last week in China. It travels from the outskirts of Shanghai (a city of 25 million) to the Pudong airport, covering 30kms in approx 7 minutes. Keep an eye on the speed readout- up to around 430 km/hr. The fastest train in the world & they claim it’s the only maglev currently operating. My hand held video is a little unstable though, as it was disconcerting not wearing a seatbelt at that speed. I did two 30 kms sections, ie. from the city to the airport & back.

For more info on the maglev, click HERE

The track is supported on towers every 25 metres.

2 thoughts on “Magnetic Levitation

    • German company Siemens built it although the Chinese built the tracks and supporting towers I believe. We did another 1200km trip from Beijing on a packed bullet train and it cruised along very quietly at 300kph in perfect comfort. The 1200 km distance took 6 hours including several stops at smaller cities along the way (2 min max per stop). There was tons of leg room and it was a really comfortable trip. The roads were packed with prestige cars due to their joint ventures with companies such as Audi & BMW. Saw thousands of scooters in the cities – all electric as petrol scooters are now banned. Big cities were very ‘green’ and they have a carbon tax on big companies. A totalitarian government can certainly get things done!

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