Hot, damn hot!

The 25th ‘Island Classic’ at Phillip Island was run this weekend. Unfortunately I pre-purchaced my ticket which locked me in to going on Sunday, when much of Vic was forecast to be around 39C. I should have driven my nice airconditioned car – but I like to go to motorcycle races on a motorcycle when I can. For the Melbourne leg of my return home the ambient temp guage on the Zx14R was hovering around 40C. Below are a few shots of the action. I’m sure it was a pretty tough gig for the riders competing as well.

Click on this link to see a gallery of my pics CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “Hot, damn hot!

  1. Hi Jules,
    I’m always staggered by the lovely machinery that the spectators ride to meetings like this – just wonderful! Love what looks like a Rob North replica Rocket 3. With a straight through 3 into one megaphone, they still sound better than any other racebike on the planet IMHO! Very nice photography mate.

    • Yes some lovely spectator machinery indeed. I missed some as they cancelled the parade laps of spectators’ bikes. That 750 Desmo Ducati is quite a rare machine as well. A ’76 model I believe. I have a hastily put together gallery of pics HERE

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