Mungo National Park

“You must be nuts” is the response of most people when we said we were going camping with our regular camping buddies in the middle of one of the coldest Victorian winters in years. And furthermore, there was an Antartic blast forecast for the weekend when we were leaving. Our original destination of Robe was dumped due to the dire forecast and so we headed for Mungo National Park, about 110 kms North of Mildura. The road in has 88 kms of dirt road which was slushy in places on the way in and just horrible sticky mud after rain on the way out.

Video courtesy of Margy R

Lots of emus, ‘roos and wild goats around.

After a few days at Mungo, we headed back to the Sunraysia National Park near Ouyen and camped at the Pink Lakes – Lake Crosbie specifically.

Lots more pics by clicking HERE, then select ‘Slideshow’

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